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Worktops > Labgrade worktops

  • TS Booker offers a range of worktops for heavy duty areas.
  • TS Booker Labgrade Solid grade laminate is a product specially designed for use in Laboratories.
  • It has a resistant decorative surface that resist attacks by most laboaratory chemicals.
  • It is a 16mm thick sheet material comprising a solid, homogenous core with a hard melamine resin surface.
  • Worktops are available in a range of depths from 600mm to 1500mm as standard.
  • Worktop lengths are supplied to suit the environment and access to the areas.
  • Drainage grooves around sink areas can be machined into the worktop material.
  • TS Booker offers a range of colours and patterns in the collection that help create light and modern teaching environments to suit each age group and curriculum area.
  • TS Booker Labgrade worktops are suitable for all teaching areas but particularly Science Laboratories.
  • It can also be used in Hopitals and Industrial laboratories.
  • Labgrade has good impact, scratch and wear resistance and good chemical resistance.
  • The easy to clean surface is enhanced by the solid black core, giving a smooth decorative edge which cannot harbour dirt and bacteria.