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About TS Booker

TS Booker has been manufacturing fitted and bespoke furniture since 1938.

In 1938, Thomas Booker, a local craftsman began producing specialist items of furniture in Wakefield. After the Second World War, he resumed production and expanded his range to include fitted furniture for local authority buildings such as schools and colleges, whilst also undertaking private commissions.

The business expanded through the years, recruiting local craftsmen and training local apprentices in the art of cabinet making. TS Booker & Son developed as a family business, until it was taken over in 1998. Since then, TS Booker has grown its workforce and developed its manufacturing facility, but never lost its family feel.

TS Booker is now one of the leading suppliers of fitted furniture to schools, colleges, universities and healthcare buildings in the UK.

The experience of our talented craftsman also allows us the ability to design and manufacture specialist and bespoke furniture to suit the needs of any end user.

Whilst the development of our motivated and knowledgeable team, and the continuation of our apprenticeship scheme has given us a great ability to manage projects of all scales, with high quality and customer satisfaction at the forefront of our objectives.

TS Booker understand the importance of both employee and client welfare and for that reason our workforce are DBS checked and receive a level of health and safety training.

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